My professional website is here:
My LinkedIn profile
Booting the system - my occasional Computer Weekly blog
Tumblr - My comedic worsmithery (warning: often sweary and disgusting)
Soundcloud - My comic and satirical songs, plus electronic musical tinkerings
Mortlemania - infrequently updated geek and personal ramblings, comedy, music, family and other stuff I do with my spare time.
Twitter - still my preferred social network.
Facebook - I’m only really on here to keep up with old friends who don’t tend to use other social networks, so I keep my profile private and again don’t accept ‘cold’ requests to connect.
YouTube - personal videos, including comic odes, songs and animated cutups
Audioboo - mobile audio blogging site. I’ve used this both to recite my odes and to post other personal audio bits and bobs
This is my Jam - great site for sharing and discovering tracks new and old with like-minded listeners
Pinterest - don’t really use this much, but I have a handful of pinboards devoted to personal interests
Can’t find what you’re after here? Try Googling me

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